Akihisa Tsuboy


A violin player, leader of the group, plays wide range of genre from rock music to world music like Celtic / Arabic by his phenomenal skill and beautiful tones.
KBB was invited at several famous prog festivals like, NEARFest, Gouveia Art Rock, so far their performance was acclaimed as an incomparable work of progressive rock.
His many activities like ERA (DUO by Akihisa Tsuboy & Natsuki Kido), Pochakaite Malko,Yukihiro Isso Group, Ausia and Ohfujitsubo has increased opportunity to work with foreign musicians like ZAO from France. His expression of acoustic violin and unique sound of electric violin by effects pedals are worthy of high praise.



Toshimitsu Takahashi


He joined KBB in 2001.He makes full use of various keyboard instruments like acoustic / electric pianos, organs and synthesizers. He’s always challenging to all musical expression what exists in this world with his infinity affection for music.
In the 90’s he joined several albums as producer, arranger and studio musician after working through prog scene in Tokyo. He works a member of Crazy Ken Band, Onose Masao Show and Beatnik Lou.




He joined KBB in 1999. He made a profound study of recording and sound engineering at the real field of progressive rock, jazz rock & avant-garde music since 90’s. Activity for KBB is his first carrier as bass player even if he used to be a guitar player.
Now he joins Taika after work for interpose+, at the same time he works as engineering, composing, arranging and playing for game music / popular music through his multi-faced approaching.



Shiro Sugano


He joined KBB in 1996, a prog rock drummer who keeps evolving and seeking for musical variation.Phantasmagoric rhythm pattern, delicate cymbal works, clearly and sharply each notes are peculiar to his sound boldly and delicately. 
In the 70’s he joined Tomio Suda (sax) ‘s Contemporary Electric Ensemble worked active in the field of funk / Jazz rock. He made big turnaround toward to prog music the opportunity of work with Astushi Shiga’s keyboard trio “Mahojinin” in the end of 70’s. Then he joined Green and Negashere both were representative of Jap’s 80’s prog music before joins KBB until present.Now he plays with various domestic and foreign musicians like Toshimi session and Benoit Moerlen Band.